You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Grey

Friday, January 22, 2016

Yay for Friday! Since I already reported about my appointment I had on Monday there isn't much to say regarding "Fertility Friday." I think I'll be posting about my pregnancy with twins whenever it coincides with my doctors appointments. You'll just have to check in on the reg...sorry about that!

In similar news I think M and I are headed to Sherwin Williams for some gray paint this weekend. No matter the combination of twins we could have, I've decided that grey is my color of choice. The nursery and Blair's room are currently upstairs with a jack and jill bathroom in between. I've been scratching my head to as how to fit two cribs in the empty room till M suggested that we switch Blair to the empty room and put the twins in her current room. The way the rooms are configured makes it much easier to have two in her current room. So, she's getting the boot next door basically.

We mentioned this to her and she didn't seem to care. We told her that her room was where the babies go and then when you get big you get to move next door to the big girl room. Done and done!

I know it's very early to start nursery prep but here's the thing...I'm type A. And no matter the gender it will be grey so may as well paint now and not when it's blazing upstairs in the summer. We also want to install crown molding in Blair's new room. Her current room has it so we're good there.

After scouring Pinterest I came up with quite a hefty list of grey paints I'm interested in...

All of which come from paints Joanna Gaines has used on Fixer Upper. Because hello...obsessed.
intellectual grey
mindful grey
Argos grey
Repose Grey
Amazing Grey

Silver Strand
agreeable grey
The tricky thing about paint is that it can look so different from room to room. Depending on whether your room is north facing (paint will be darker) as opposed to west facing will really change its color. I'm looking forward to showing you guys the swatches!

Do any of you have greys that you love? Tell me below!


  1. I tried most of these colors when looking for a LR and Kitchen paint. They can be beautiful on Pinterest pictures and on someone else's walls but until you try them in your own lighting, they can look totally different. I'm sure you know this, but get lots of samples! Anytime you are choosing a neutral and especially grey it can be very tricky! We finally chose Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, which is gorgious! This color is known to go well anywhere. Happy Painting!

  2. We did agreeable grey in both girls rooms and it's so pretty. Recommend it for sure.

  3. Agreeable grey is the perfect color! We have it in our girls bedrooms!!

  4. I love grey! We have Benjamin Moore Sea haze in our bedroom, so pretty and Grey Owl in our bathroom.

  5. Argos and silver strand are my favorite, grey is the perfect color choice so many colors to accent with that look good with grey depending on gender, very exciting .

  6. I can't wait to see what you do! I love Wordly Gray SW. It's in our den and it's great.

  7. I used mindful grey in several rooms and i think it's perfect!

  8. I used agreeable grey in Tatum's room and I love it!

  9. Intellectual grey is beautiful. That's my vote.

  10. Gray is so hard! I tried most of those colors on your list (because I am also obsessed with Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper) and they just did not look right with our flooring and the lighting in our rooms. Either they looked very battle ship gray or very cell block A. :) We ended up going with Revere Pewter because as it turned out, we needed a warmer greige to go with our flooring and decor. But I love every single one of those gray colors - just not in my house, unfortunately! :)

  11. So excited for you and cannot wait to see what you dream up in that sweet little nursery!

  12. I have been obsessed with grey since we moved into our new house last year and finally found what I think is the most perfect grey! Collonade Gray by SW is is comparable to Revere Pewter by BM, but does not ever look greenish like the revere pewter can. Hope you find a grey you love!!

  13. We had argos in our first house master, it reads silvery/icy blue, but I loved it! I also love stonington gray too


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