Festival of Lights

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I sure do love me some Christmas traditions! Earlier this week we strolled around the Mission Inn to see their Festival of Lights. It truly feels magical when you are there. We stopped by Augies coffee shop to load up on lattes and hot chocolates and then we were off! We enjoyed fresh cinnamon donuts and then the kids even got to chat with Santa as we walked back to our cars. Blair made it clear she wanted a dollhouse but then realized she forgot to tell Santa what Dirty Baby wanted. I avoided the stage five melt down by letting her know we would go visit him again soon. Sigh. I wonder how long I will have to buy Blair AND Dirty Baby gifts for?!

Can we please talk about a couple of things here? First of all Dirty Baby is straight creeping in these photos. Did you notice how one eye is stuck shut now?! Blair finally realized this and complained to me so much about it that I took my nails to it and pried the darn thing open. I'm for sure going to have nightmares about Dirty Baby...

Second Blair's skinny arm pose! She's killllling me lately with busting this out on her own! Apparently she's seen this done a time or two... It is at least proof that there is some of my genes in her. ;)


  1. Your daughter is just the cutest! Love following along & hoping you receive a Christmas miracle this year!

  2. Haha I did notice she was looking extra creepy!


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