Date Night

Monday, August 24, 2015

This weekend was a good way! We went to the Taylor Swift concert in LA Saturday night and then on Sunday I hosted a bridal shower for my bestie. It was an awesome weekend and I can't wait to show you non-iphone pics from the shower soon. :)

Romper and sweater from Loft on MEGA sale.

And a HUGE thing happened this weekend...Blair SMILED without someone having to fake falling down! No joke this is the first time this kid has ever smiled without me forcing it out of her. Guess we should make banana bread more often!

Also,  this weekend while at a friend's house she gathered some eggs from their chicken coop. When we were leaving she wanted to take the eggs and carry them to the car. I told her that they were fragile so she should let an adult carry them and she replied, " Everybody is big enough to do something Mom." Meaning, I got this Mom. We all started laughing and I have to say that watching Daniel Tiger might actually be a good thing.

Today we're headed to Disneyland (hello unblocked passes!) and meeting Blair's pre-school teacher for the first time. My house is SO messy but I decided I have all week to clean it up so off to the happiest place on earth instead!

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  1. Blair looks so big!! And I knew that Daniel Tiger quote/song right away, haha. So jealous about Taylor too


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