Whole 30 Wrap Up

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ah, Whole 30 I am SO glad to be done with you. Well, kind of done. Last Saturday M and I celebrated our Whole 30 finish with a BIG. FAT. DONUT. And a Starbucks chai tea latte. And Girl Scout Cookies. And french fries and beer at dinner. A little over indulgent? Maybe, yes. Ask me if my tummy even hurt afterwards...nope. It's safe to say my stomach is made of steel.

I have noticed that my tummy doesn't love dairy but not enough for me to avoid it altogether. Honestly nothing else really seems to give me any trouble.

I wasn't sure what my diet would look like after Whole 30 but we decided to keep with it and allow for two cheat meals a week. I figure that it's not only what my trainer recommends, but also what my fertility doctor recommends. With all the weight training we have been doing I get to add a chocolate protein shake after dinner...mmmmm my saving grace!

As for weight loss that was a big fat joke. I lost a measly 3 pounds (SO annoying). And yes I know I wasn't doing it for weight loss (blah blah blah) but come ON. I was eating only whole foods for 30 freaking days and all I got out of it was THREE pounds? SO lame. I wanted to at least lose the 5 Christmas pounds I put on. :/

I will say that I am more conscious of what I put into my body. I find myself reading labels a lot more and reaching for fruit or hard boiled eggs instead of Pirates Booty or Snap Pea Crisps.

Overall I would say that I felt good knowing that I was treating my body really well but physically I didn't feel that much different (except for the beginning when I felt like hell from the sugar detox). I never had a crazy energy surge, my skin didn't "glow", and my sugar cravings never stopped. I'm content with 19 of my 21 meals a week being Whole 30 approved. I feel like it gives me just enough freedom without blowing it.

Oh and this was definitely our favorite meal...so bomb! Bacon, avocado, turkey burger sliders with yams as buns! Next time we are adding tomato but these were realllly delicious.

That's a wrap! Have any of you ever done this challenge? What was it like for you?


  1. Hey Nat, I'm not sure what your doctor recommends for cleanses to help with fertility but the women in my family have been using the Standard Process Cleanse for years and have seen amazing results! It's all natural and while it does help tremendously with weight loss, we do it more for the health benefits of ridding the toxin's from our bodies. You can find the products and information online but definitely ask your doc first. I have to warn you, the first week or so is not easy. But if the results are a healthy body to allow for a healthy pregnancy, it would be so worth it. Always praying for you, girl!

  2. Love your honesty here and those burgers do look amazing!


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