A Lovely Breakfast Shower

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I mentioned on Instagram (@natyouraveragegirl) that I had a weekend full of baby showers. On Saturday I attended one for my dear friend, Natalie, who is due with baby boy # 2 February 14! The ladies who threw the breakfast shower did a beautiful job. My pictures aren't the best because of how the sun was coming in (it was 80 degrees!) at that time of day but you get the idea.

Beautiful flowers made the shower extra special. SO much better than store bought!

Guests wrote their names on these wooden circles.
I re-purposed this "baby boy" sign from a this previous shower I threw...winning!

The flowers were STUNNING!

The most adorable/perfect drink dispensers.

"Oh Baby" making a re-appearance! (Now who has Britney Spears stuck in their head? You're Welcome.)
Paper airplanes also came out to play again. My motto...save EVERYTHING!
The beautiful Mama-to-Be in the middle...even though you can't even tell!
The best advice I have for people who like to throw parties is to save everything and re-purpose it! I was able to pull out some generic boy baby shower decor from my "party closet" which took me practically no time. And that kind of decorating really fits into my "stress less" and "say no" philosophy I'm taking on this year. ;) Easy and still cute! No point in re-inventing the wheel twice! I do like to use bits and pieces from other party decor over again but let's be honest...I wouldn't be caught dead throwing the same party theme twice....party faux pas! I'm too Type A for that. ;)

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