Pizza, Panties, and Polish

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last week Blair and I headed over to a friends house for a "girls night." We ordered pizza, did our nails, and potty trained the poop heck out of our girls. It was a little wild with three littles running around fighting over the potty while we attempted Jamberry nails but we eventually did have success! 

potty princesses

charlotte, blair, and andelyn

the picture charlotte took of us...insert crying laughing face here

mommy and mini matching pedi!
Have you ever used Jamberry? We have been loving ours so far but fair warning...applying them to a two year old's feet is not for the faint of heart. ;)


  1. Fun evening! I couldn't imagine trying to put those on a 2 year old, congrats!

  2. A party for potty training? Genius!!! Seems like a good way to get the little ones enticed into wanting to be a big girl!

  3. I love the nails! And that pic of all three girls is too cute, looks like it was a fun night!

  4. I see Blair is still sucking her thumb, so is my 2 year old!!! I can't get him to stop! So I've given up, any tips on stopping? Beside telling him 50 million times a day to take his thumb out of his mouth!

  5. Cute! I know it's early, but are you going to do a post on toddler Halloween clothing...I like to think ahead haha


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