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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday. M and I are attempting this cycle the old fashioned way without IUI but with all my previous medication. We meet with the new doctor on Friday and are feeling optimistic about that. Now if I may distract myself you with some make up fun...

A few of you have asked about my make-up routine. Truth be told most days it consists of either none or very minimal.

However last weekend I had the opportunity to get "all dolled up" for a wedding and felt pretty good about myself! :) Below are the items that I used. Sorry I'm not brave enough to do a real tutorial with pictures etc. Trust me when I say there are no special techniques I use to apply anything. :)

For my low maintenance days I stick with mascara, brow powder, and lip balm. For fancier days I pull out all the stops with what you see above. Oh, and if anyone has an amazing solution to my awesome 30 year old crows feet wrinkles I would be stoked to hear about it. :) Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Just read your post from yesterday, lots of prayers for you and Matt! I can't believe a doctors office would drop a patient in the middle of treatment like that. I'm hoping things look up for both of you, and praying for for that little miracle for you :)

    On those crows feet, Strivectin is amazing!! I use alot of their products and can't say enough good things. They are a little pricey, but they seem to last for a good long while.

  2. Foundation primer is a total game changer!! I've been using an anti aging eye cream since is was in my teens, so I'm sure that adding that to your routine might help!

  3. I love baby lips! Such good chapstick! And I'm sorry you had so much trouble yesterday :( stuff like that makes you want to cry even when you're not hormonal! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!


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