Lazy Weekend

Monday, August 25, 2014

This weekend was literally filled with a whole lotta nothing for us, which was great! M and B helped paint some of our trim that had gotten pretty faded by the sun. They knocked out four of our columns and two downstairs windows. Next weekend we tackle upstairs! Or rather M tackles that.

Honestly other than that we just hung around, did laundry, and went to church. M actually went on a 26 mile hike on Sunday but B and I opted out of that one. ;)

so helpful!

the paint dried a nice shade of dark grey and looks great!

We did meet with our new doctor on Friday and so far so good. We will start treatment there in a couple of weeks or so. She didn't tell us too much that we didn't already know. She's going to run some more tests on M and that will determine whether or not we stick with IUI for a few more rounds or put IVF on the calendar sooner rather than later. The doctor seemed really optimistic that we will be able to have another baby...might just cost us a pretty penny. ;)

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