(In)Fertility Fridays and Favorites

Friday, August 22, 2014

Since I pretty much laid this week out already here I'll keep this post short. 

Nothing but trying the good old fashioned way over here this week. TMI? I've taken all my meds thus far and am beyond grateful for a friend who mentioned to me that she has extra progesterone. She dropped them off yesterday and now I have exactly the amount I need to make it to my next pregnancy test. Such a God thing! She is currently prego with twins from IUI. :) Us infertile ones gotta stick together! Today we meet with our new doctor. 

You caught me on a good day. ;) I'm sure part of it has to do with the surprise meds that were dropped off here this morning.I'm still marveling over that miracle. I'm optimistic about meeting with our new doctor after chatting with another friend (who is prego with twins!) who had a successful round of IVF at the clinic I'm going to. We hung out on the playground this week and she was so encouraging. I'm feeling blessed to have these women in my life. Since my friend dropped off the meds at 7:45 this morning I was up before B and had some solid alone time with my coffee and my Bible. It was glorious! After my pastor recommended that I start reading through Psalms I found a lot of comfort in seeing that David felt the same way I have been feeling lately. Chapter 6 and 13 were my faves.
Friday Favorites

my new succulents (and this girl obvi)

happy flowers from thoughtful friends

a beautiful sky after some much needed rain

crafting for an upcoming bachelorette party

finding this juice box that came with a meal i bought for blair. then downing the whole thing in the corner where she couldn't see me. nothing like stealing from a baby. ;)
buying these babies on sale yesterday for spring
then adding these to my cart to get the free shipping. :)
Did you get any moccs yesterday? I'm obsessing over ours (always). We are home this weekend and I couldn't be happier. Time to get some projects done around the house, M! Also, we're on baby watch since my sis-in-law is due tomorrow! Yippee!


  1. those mocs... I die! your little sweetie is ADORABLE! I could eat her up!

  2. Just be careful taking the meds without being supervised and monitored by a doctor. Sometimes you can become overstimulated and they wouldn't advise trying to get pregnant when that happens. That's how Kate Gosselin had 6 babies... She was overstimulated and had sex against her doctor's advice.

  3. I got a pair of the blush moccs yesterday and I'm so excited!!!

  4. HA! I never give Abigail the juice box. And I definitely hide to eat things hoping she wont notice.

  5. Love those moccs - positive vibes your way!


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