Girls Day

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yesterday we had a girls day with my Mom, Tiff, and B. We headed out to HomeGoods, World Market, and Chick-fil-A per Blair's my request. I will always love their grilled sandwich and waffle fries! That and the fact that they have Peppa Pig board books right now makes it a double win. I picked up a couple items and my Mom also treated me to some items as well!

a jute rug

a spoon rest

another toy basket...

and the CUTEST most fall-ish cake stand ever!

 After dinner every night we've been hanging out in the front yard while Daddy either paints or does yard work. B and I check out bugs that Daddy shows us along with walking dirty well-loved baby up and down the street with her beat well-loved stroller. Hey, she's still smiling so I'm not rushing out to replace them.

if I crop baby out of this then it could be a decent shot!
Let me rewind a bit. My Mom has bought Blair a new baby and when forced to choose between the two she always chooses dirty baby. Dirty baby or bust is her mantra. You think I can throw that thing in the wash? Not sorry if it never comes out... ;) Funny how I said pre-children that I would never let my kids haul around gross things and here we are with a disgusting blankie and a dirty baby. Jokes on me.


  1. Haha dirty baby needs some clothes!! Maybe you can convince Blair to give dirty baby a bath?!

  2. A dirty baby-doll is a classic symbol of childhood... They'll always be chosen over their clean, brand-new counteparts. This morning, my 18 month old daughter chose a flashcard with a baby on it over her real baby-doll. Who knows what's going on in their minds, eh?

  3. Hahah why is it that children never want to let you wash their "lovies"? My son freaked when I tried to wash his blanket last week. I am in love with your new spoon rest and cake stand. What a nice mama you have!


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