Fiesta Fiesta

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I had full intentions of having a mini fiesta for our Bible study group tonight (chips and salsa) but between all my birthday festivities I slacked. You only turn 30 once! :)

I may get crazy and grab some authentic chips at Albertsons and stop by Trader Joes for my favorite homemade salsa. Wink wink. Annnnnd I'm a sucker for garland and a festive chalkboard so chances are that will be on Instagram today after nap time. Nothing like planning ahead! ;) In the meantime I hope these cutie Cinco de Mayo ideas that some other crafty bloggers came up with satiate your appetite!

chalkboard inspo by Jessica

invitation by Martha

tissue paper garland by Martha
This girl had her own mini fiesta this weekend...

I started my weekend off right with a few of my girlfriends who took me out to celebrate the big 3-0. We had a great time...serenade and all!

Oh, and as promised...a picture of my friend Joel because I lost a bet and doubted that he could run a mile in under 9 minutes. To be fair the kid hasn't rain since 8th grade and he's now 25. The odds were against him but he pulled it together. So because I'm a woman of my word...


I gotta be honest, Joel, I didn't think you had it in you. But really you should have chosen a better "prize" than requesting recognition on "the blog." ;) I guess we still do owe you a meal...


  1. We have the same blog title today! Love all the fiesta inspiration...and too funny about Joel! ;)

  2. Love the gold pinata! Where is it from?


    1. the pinata link is above...found it on pinterest of course!

  3. Lol that is hilarious! Hi Joel!!!!


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