Super Bowl Re-cap

Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm totally indifferent about the Super Bowl other than the fact that the food is bomb. Food and friends is what makes it fun for me! Oh, and really cute baby toddler friends...

she played referee

twinning 1

twinning 2

twinning 3

these two bff's kill me! Blair's hand on Charlotte's knee!
 Earlier in the day my bff and I walked up a local mountain hill with our littles. The day was beautiful and the company was better. :)

Meanwhile M was running his first MARATHON ever! Yes you read that right. That would be 26.2 miles of insanity. Seriously. I will NEVER. I'm SO proud of him though and especially since he has been super sick with a gnarly cold/cough. :(

My friend insists that I share this story with you all...when M came home B was waking up from her nap so he went in to get her up. He was just wearing his towel around his waist and I heard B on the monitor say, "Circles? Two circles?" Yup. She was talking about his nipples. I asked him later if that was the case and he confirmed it. What can I say? The girl knows her shapes. Let's just say I'm starting to think I need to dress/undress in private now...

here he is himself...the guy with two circles. ;)
Congrats on a job well run! See what I did there? ;) Congrats to you Seahawks fans and better luck next year Broncos!


  1. i LOVE all of blair's fun faces!! she's seriously the cutest!! and a marathon? m be craaaazy. heck, i even think you're crazy with all the running you do! the only running i can do is in intervals!

  2. Love M and B's matching faces! Too cute!

  3. This is hilarious! At about this time, I started writing all the funny/cute things Jeremy was saying! I'm so happy I did! I love to look back on them and giggle!


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