Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yesterday was our first day of swim lessons and I would say they went as expected. B cried but I was planning on that and she didn't cry the whole time so that was a success in my book! We ended up knowing a couple other kids in the class so that was an extra bonus. I even roped one mama friend of mine into taking some pictures (Thanks Beth!). Little does she know I've signed her up for picture/video duty for the next two weeks... ;)

B went under water three times and we practiced kicks and arm pulls. Tomorrow mommies and babies will be going under water so I'll be sure not to put any effort into my hair for the next two weeks. You've been warned...

my suit: Old Navy last year     Blair's suit: Target

I'm happy to report she didn't tug once on my suit so I avoided any nip slips. I'm contemplating wearing a two piece...thoughts? All the other mamas had one pieces (some cut outs) so maybe I should just stick with that? I definitely don't wanna be "that mom."

Yesterday I took a Sewing 101 class with a friend while my brother's girlfriend babysat B. Check out this little gem...

swim lessons = amazing naps :)
Today we're off to JoAnn's to get some 4th of July decor so I can decorate B's red wagon. I also want to make some kind of fun festive desert as well as paint my nails much to do with so little time!


  1. I've been wearing one pieces to swim lessons too, but also because I don't want to be the preggo in a two piece, I keep that for sunning in the backyard :) I think you could rock it, esp outdoors in SoCal. Our classes are inside the YMCA and the group is pretty "mom", like "mom jean" mom, LOL!

    I bet B starts to love it! A didn't cry the first lesson, but was def timid and did cling to me when trying to get her on her back or flip to her tummy. Last night was our 3rd class and she had the happiest smile the whole time, splashing and clapping, melted my heart. Oh and the naps/sleep post swim IS AMAZING!

  2. How funny! We start next week and I'm totally worried about being "that mom" in a two piece. I borrowed a tankini from a friend but its so boobalicious. What's worse showing stomach or boobs?!? Ha! Glad B didn't cry the whole time and am impressed she went under. Not sure how it will go for us!

  3. I couldn't find a two piece I liked before our swim class started last month, so I was THAT mom wearing a pre-baby bikini in swim class. One other mom wore a bikini too, so I didn't feel weird. And I was pretty much the youngest mom in the class, so I felt okay about it.

    We're all done with swimming for right now, but I think that they get more and more comfortable in the water the more they're exposed to it.

  4. I bet B will like it better each time she goes! We have our third lesson tonight, Estella loves it but I think only because there are kids everywhere (she obsessed with kids) I also felt weird about wearing a two piece so I bought a tankini top, but it looks like everyone was thinking the same thing so I think it's ok if we rock the two piece;)

  5. If you have the body (which you do!) rock the two piece!! Blair will learn to love the water and it's great you are getting her to like it while she is still so little.

  6. So cute! I can't wait to do swim lessons with E!! And you should be that're young and hot so time to rock it! ;)

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