Weekend Recap

Monday, June 24, 2013

It was so great just to stay home this weekend and not have any traveling to do. We had a BBQ with some friends and enjoyed some games too. Even though I didn't win I still had a great time. ;) The babes entertained themselves with the sand and water table from Costco and B was finally able to keep up with her friends!

three sweet girls (B's dress: gap)
Someone caught up on her Zzzz's (no sleep sack during nap time now!)

holy bed head

a little Sunday Funday In-n-out

while the boys played a board game the wives did their nails :)
Nordstrom cafe with B and my bff, rikki

Carter and B in their Mamas' favorite spot!

lastly, i enjoyed getting the rest of my CAbi loot in the mail. my aunt threw in a surprise scarf! i love it for summer.
We were able to go to Home Depot, and some furniture stores this weekend and check a few more things off of our never ending list of home improvements. Really exciting things like shower heads, new switch plates, cord covers, etc. We did end up getting a couch for our play room upstairs and I'm excited to show you what we've done with that space and our bedroom recently.

We also took a nap (hey, this is noteworthy stuff I'm telling you!) and watched PLL. Overall I'm feeling pretty relaxed and looking forward to July 4th!


  1. Love B's bedhead! And you look great...that is a great outfit! Happy Monday! xo

  2. Blair has the best hair!!So cute, nothing better than a weekend relaxing!!

  3. Your nails look super cute! They remind me of laffy taffy...mmmm!


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