Office/Master update

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last weekend we added a couch to our upstairs play room and we're pretty pleased with it! Not only is the color perfect for grimy baby hands our decor, it is soft as butter since it's made from chenille. Slowly but surely our house is coming together. If only we had endless money and time, right?!

new cozy gray couch

finally hung the tv and covered the cords. still have to paint the cord cover and get a new media cabinet
moved the old play room couch into our master

also hung the book shelves free from my cousins!

working on filling the shelves with things i love :)

had to move the mirror to the other side of the room
I love watching things come together! Our room is SO big that it felt empty for the longest time despite our king sized bed! It's funny because our old master could barely even fit a queen sized bed. I still feel like the room needs a rug or something but M is a strong believer of no rugs on carpet. Sigh, doesn't he know he's cramping my style?! ;)


  1. The couch is perfect! Looks comfy enough to lay on while watching the little one play!

    Our master is so small It only fits our queen bed, a (giant) flat screen and one dresser.

  2. A rug would be a perfect touch! It just has to be soft - that's how you reel the men in :)

  3. This looks absolutely amazing. I especially love your picture wall!

  4. Your sofa is perfect! Looks comfortable ample to get on while watching a child perform!

    Each of our grasp is indeed little It just matches our own queen mattress, the (huge) flat screen and something bureau.
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