Fourth of July picks

Friday, June 28, 2013

The fourth of July is less than a week away! We're going to the beach (are you surprised?) with family and this year I think B might actually get to watch the fireworks! That is if Mama decides to let her stay up past her 7pm bedtime. Hmmm maybe next year? ;) I'm pretty sure our day will consist of beach, ice cream, burgers, and fireworks. Well I hope it will anyway. Here are some other July 4th festivities that would be fun!

i like how nautical this feels with the rope

easy and fun!

for the mantel

bluberry pie on a stick?! yes please!

at our family beach house they have a july 4th parade. i'm thinking about doing it with B and decorating her little red wagon. right?!

pretty and delicious i'm sure!

 And a blast from the past...
2011 B wasn't even in my belly quite yet!

July 4th 2012, Holy Chunky! More rolls than the Michelin Man!

Blair Buddah Bushman

our little fam in front of our old home before we moved. aw our sweet little bungalow!
I don't even recognize that baby anymore! I remember having to nurse during fireworks last year...not the case this year! I better enjoy the 4th of July this year because if all goes as planned I'll be pretty huge and prego next 4th of July... God willing! Have a great weekend friends!


  1. Love your little Buddah Blair!! You're geting me all excited for the 4th!!

  2. Yes please be preggo next 4th! According to our plan, I could be, too :)

  3. Did you just say what I think you said?!? I think that sounds like a great plan :) Hope all is well! I think we're coming down for a visit in October...we'll be inviting ourselves over for a play date!

  4. I too was thinking that (god willing) this will be my last 4th of July sans baby or being preggo! Crazy to think about!!

  5. eek! So excited for you!! Baby Bushman #2 on the horizon. I don't always comment but I read your posts every day. I love how honest you are about being a mom and how much you love and enjoy it. There are so many mom blogs that say they love being a mom but then all they do is complain. I love yours!

    1. aw thanks aileen! i definitely feel like i whine a lot but it's good to hear that it doesn't come across that way :) i do feel blessed to be a mama!

  6. eek! So fired up in your case!! Baby Bushman #2 in the near future. I don't often opinion but I go through you each day. I really like how honest you are about as a mother and just how a lot you're keen on and get that. There are so many mum weblogs that will state they will adore like a mum then again all they are doing can be grumble. I enjoy the one you have! Diablo 3 Goldrunescape gold


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