Pull up a chair

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hubby finished up my little project this week and I'm so happy about the results! Nothing a little spray paint and cute fabric to whip a tired chair into shape!

remember these guys?
Hubby seriously worked his butt off on these. The seats were pretty saggy so M had to strip them down to the base. He re-stretched the saggy burlap across the bottom to give the seat a "lift." Then he took out the old padding and put in the new padding I bought at Joanns. And voila! Cushion for your tushy!

before: the dark chairs just blended in
snooze fest
much better! i spy a walker :)
i love how the gray contrasts with the black.
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I had no idea that spray paint came in so many different colors! I could seriously see myself becoming a spray paint addict. Hmmm what can I get my little paws on next?

Oh  and get a load of this... girlfriend's got moves!

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