Weekend Recap

Monday, June 10, 2013

We did it! Four straight weekends in a row at the beach. Can't complain about that! Although the weather this last weekend was a bit gloomy we still relaxed at the beach a bit and then hit up some consignment stores along with a car show. I got to run on my beloved beach trail and eat crappy food so it was a successful weekend for me. :)

Lala and B in their floppy hats

Mexican food with the fam!

a coral car with wicker seats...how chic!

enjoying her meal and lookin pretty cute in her $6 high chair!
All of my Monday posts should be called weekend recaps from here on out. Because that's pretty much all I ever do!


  1. Nothing better then relaxing at the beach! We go back to the beach in July! I can't wait.


  2. Four beach weekend in a row = me officially jealous!


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