Party for Sale!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birthday party in a bag for sale! A lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears were included in the making of these items (ok I exaggerate) but it was SO worth it! Since I don't plan on doing a party repeat (party foul!) these lovely items are currently for sale. Prices are listed below. First come first serve via email ( You may choose to purchase a la carte or a package deal...


$10 (including plates and napkins)

$10 (including forks and napkins)

$10 (including forks and plates)

$25 for 100+ dots

$15 for the set

$50 for 50 dots

high chair dot chains in action :)
all put together

3 pink/gold sparkly triangle banners SOLD
12 ombre hanging high chair dot chains SOLD
6 pink balloon anchors SOLD
50 pink ombre/gold paper plates, forks, and napkins (opened but unused) SOLD
50 large pinkglitter & gold glitter dots (for wall decor) SOLD
100+ small pink glitter & gold glitter dots (for tables) SOLD
2 large gold glitter bows SOLD for the pair

You can buy a la carte OR everything for $100. Happy shopping!
I'm not selling the vases (sorry!) because I know I'll use them over and over.
Thanks so much!
 B had a play date yesterday with her friend Charlotte...aren't they adorable?! 
Oh, and does anyone else's child growl like a dinosaur?! No? Okay good my daughter is the only one. She is currently growling in her bed as I type this... rawr! 


  1. How much for the baby? I'll give you everything I have ;) xo, Auntie

  2. My son growls too!! I'm not sure if its a tantrum but he is always doing it! I love her jean jacket, she is soooo cute!

  3. O totally growls too! ha so funny! And good for you for selling all the bday stuff. I was thinking about doing the same thing!


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