Best 1 Year Gift Ideas

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We've had a slew of one year old birthday parties this spring (B's included!) and I decided to reveal some of the things that I love to give as gifts. Typically I buy things that I know B loves and hope that other babies are just as excited over them as she is.

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1. Bizzy Bear books- lots of things to slide, push, and turn

2. Pa rum pum pum drum- great for developing musical interest

3. Swing- bring the park to your yard

4. B toys funkeys- fake but seems so real

5. Melissa and Doug puzzles- durable and thick for little hands

6. Stuck on you Labels- great for bottles, toys, food tupperware etc.

7. Elefun Popper- good for teaching cause and effect

8. Baby GAP gift card... you can never go wrong here!

i wish i could bottle up that kissable spot on the back of her neck and keep it forever!


  1. Totally adding the swing to E's wish list! Such a great idea! And I love the B. Toys drum and keys..we have both and love them!!

  2. Great gift ideas! We have so many 1 yr old bdays coming up. Oh, I totally agree -- can we please make them slow down this while growing up thing?!

  3. I love finding new gift ideas for kids. I like knowing what we're giving is a "good" gift. We have the B. Funkeys too and swear by them. I always recommend them!

  4. LOVE these ideas! I'm going to a 1-year-old's birthday party and have been trying to think very hard what I should bring - and then I found your blog! Awesome!!


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