1st birthday party decor

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I was so pleased with how Blair's first birthday party turned out. And I owe it all to Pinterest! ;) Ok, some ideas were completely mine but many minds are always better than one. A month later here are the party details...

voted best decorations by party pail!

year one start to finish

sandwiches from SubStation (the BEST!)

laces vases a pinterest DIY by my sis in law

a pink and gold wonderland

flowers from Costco

cake pops made by my mom in law (SO tasty!)

hat from my mom (hallmark)

cake from creme de la creme bakery

DIY cake pop stand made out of Styrofoam and wrapping paper. straws from etsy.

ombre goodness

such a great pic of the decor (and my mom in law! ;)

DIY high chair dots

DIY photo booth. props via etsy
I think party planning for a living would be so fun! Stressful, sure, (I'm remembering when I was sweating putting up that butcher paper as guests were arriving!!!) but such a great way to let out your creative energy. In another life I will be a party planner. And a buyer for Nordstrom. And a celebrity (why not.) ;)


  1. Haha - I have about 20 others jobs in my other life, too! And actually, three of those would be a buyer, party planner, and celebrity!

    Party looks GREAT! :)

  2. How cute! Congrats on Blair's 1st bday! Love all of the decorations. :)

  3. I'm a long time reader and have never commented but have to ask a question! My daughter turns one in a month and I am planning on creating a one out of pictures like the one above. How big was it? Also, were the pictures 4x6? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading! The one was about three and a half feet tall and yes I used 4x6 prints. :)

  4. Loving all the fun and girly details!! You did an awesome job!!!

  5. Everything is so sweet!!! I made a lace vase tutorial on pinterest years ago! I wonder if she used my tutorial :) I love the 1 in pictures!!!

  6. nat did you buy your brown butcher paper from the dollar store? I spotted some there and Was tempted to buy it but didn't know if it was very cheap /tore easily.......

    1. no i bought it off of amazon. and the one roll i bought is going to last FOREVER. i guess im wrapping our xmas gifts in butcher paper till i die!


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