Charlotte's First Birthday

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ahhhh praise the Lord, Daddy is home! M went on a fishing trip to Mammoth this weekend and boy did I miss him! I'm not really cut out for the single mom thing. Oy. The days with B were like any other but attending birthday parties/church/taking care of bedtime routine were not as fun without him! We missed you! Here is what we were up to without you...

Charlotte's First Birthday...

Seriously such a cute party! It was pinwheeled themed and hosted in their barn (yes, Barn!). I loved it!
my headband made by a friend of mine. similar here

happy first Charlotte!

darling pinwheel theme!

she can use this banner every year!

ranunculus and painted vases

baby play tent

the monkey says oo Oo

that carrot is makin her pretty happy!

too tired to flirt with Johnny...

well maybe not... Goin in for the smooch!

sweet little headband made specially by NaeNae :)

 Lots of birthday love for sweet little Charlotte! Hopefully some of that birthday love gets extended my way tomorrow when I turn 29! WHAT?! I know...old lady over here! No big birthday plans... M has been handing out birthday gifts since last Tuesday which has been pretty rad. I'm saving the party of the century till next year when the big three O arrives...


  1. Love the pinwheel theme, I had thought about doing that before settling on confetti :) Also, you know I love a good turban and of course B's dress (was A's birthday dress, so cute!) Happy Birthday to you! 29 was a great year, and the dirty 30 isn't so bad either ;)

  2. Yay! Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I turn 30 at the end of the year...pretty crazy!!

  3. Love the pinwheels!!! I turn 30 this year - trying to accept it!

  4. I don't know if it's her hair or what, but your baby girl just exudes sooo much personality in photos. Adorable.
    Don't fret about 29, embrace it.
    I turned 38 (!) this month and I feel 29...hopefully still look like my younger 30s, too.
    38 sounded old when I was your age, now I'm like, " really is just a number."
    (and my baby girl is 4mo).


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