Work it Wednesday

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yay for the CAbi clothes coming in the mail so quickly! I paired my CAbi blouse with an Ann Taylor Loft sequined tank and skinny jeans. I liked the unexpected sparkle under the shirt instead of over it.
It's hard to tell that Blair is workin it but she's got a reversible skirt on from Old Navy. Size 18-24 months (what?!).

Day Two of the shoe challenge...
Happy Halloween! M carved Blair's pumpkin to fit her legs out the front. We will be taking her picture today and sharing it tomorrow :). Tonight we are handing candy out. Our neighbors said to be prepared for up to a thousand trick or treaters! We're going to keep count!


Bella was eyein my caramel apple!


  1. Not only is the sequined tank under the blouse cute but it's also mommy practical...less chance of snagging and tugging by the little one! PS...loving the shoe challenge :)

  2. Happy Halloween to Sweet Baby Blair!! Can't wait to see her pumpkin photo!!


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