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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last week I ordered a portable high chair for B since she is such a good eater and we are too (lots of trips to restaurants!). I ended up purchasing the Inglesina portable high chair from Amazon here. So far we have just attached it to our island in our kitchen and B watches us M make dinner. She really enjoys it and I like that it isn't too babyish in appearance. It kind of took the place of her Bumbo which her thighs she is outgrowing. We almost have to lube her up to get her out of that thing. ;)

why hello there!

Last night at dinner we used her new high chair and we plan on taking it with us this weekend when we go to the beach with M's parents.

PS Am I crazy that I'm already thinking about Christmas for B? What are some awesome toys for 9-12 month olds? Gramma Lala wants to know what B is asking Santa for and I wasn't sure what to tell her. Recommendations please!

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  1. Oh love that you can prop her up at the island! We got one od these as a gift and I wasn't sure how/if we would use it. Glad you love it! And I'll be excited to see what ideas you get for toys for B!


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