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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I had some other things in mind for today's blog but due to Blair's new napping preferences (only wanting to nap with mama and not anywhere else!) I did not get all the pictures I needed. Blame it on the baby! There are a couple more home updates I wanted to show you.
New chevron pillow covers from Etsy. They match the table runner in the dining room.

Our "work in progress" family photo collage wall. Seeing it in a picture makes me see what needs adjusting. Good thing I have a flexible husband!

How sweet is that big one of B? I could look at it forever. :)

This week I made the jump with cloth diapers. So far I have really been enjoying them and don't see them as that much extra work. It's nice to be green and use natural materials on B's bum bum. Once she switches over to solids I may be changing my tune...

I did quite a bit of research on all the different kinds and decided to go with bum genius. I'm saving money, one diaper at a time! Maybe I can talk M into letting me buy more things for the house with all the money I'm saving? Dream big, right?

Finally I'm throwing this picture of B in because I just love the handmade hat she is wearing from her gramma!

Her serious expression here cracks me up. Thanks gramma for my cute hat! Finally something that fits my noggin!


  1. Lol about the pillows! And I feel good knowing it's not just A that needs to nap on me, so glad you like the cloth diapers. I really love the BGs, definitely my favorites.

  2. Okay I need an entire post on cloth diapers! Is it really not THAT bad? How do you clean them, etc?

  3. Love your new pillows! I am hoping to complete our staircase gallery wall soon, but like you said with little ones you never know when your plans might change! Please share more about the cloth diapers when you can, I have definitely thought about using them.

  4. love that you are still rockin' bobby's painting! :)


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