Maternity Mondays: Week 34

Monday, February 27, 2012

So we didn't get our keys Friday but I'm hopeful for today! Which was fine because we spent the majority of the weekend packing up our lives. Oy! Who knew so much stuff could be in a 1200 square foot home!? I'm confident that we will have lots of help these next couple of weeks moving and am not too worried about it. Life is busy but SO good!

taking a picture at 9:00 pm is not cute. i'll be remembering that for next week...

I had a doctor's appointment last Friday and everything looks great! I asked her if baby B was big for her age and she said no. I told her how people ask me all the time if I'm due that week and she said my belly measures totally normal, but since I don't have a large frame it looks gigantic. Then she told me to tell people to stop being rude. :) I like my doctor. Haha. 

On Sunday a few of my girlfriends took me out to lunch and had a mini shower for me at the Nordstrom cafe. It was so fun! I loved having girl time and the outfits they got B were precious!!! I'll have to showcase them later this week. We laughed a lot and it felt good to be forced to get dressed on the weekend. :)

I also got a couple of pictures from my mom-in-law of my last baby shower. My personal photographer (M) couldn't make it so I didn't have as many pics as I usually do so I was glad she was able to snap some! 

how fun is this? they live across the street from an elementary school and the marquee was personalized just for me! it even had our name on it. :) I was famous for a second!

pink and green to match the nursery! so chic and fancy!

tasty finger sammies and delicious cupcakes. they even had glitter on them!
it was so great to get some practical gifts! B now has a playpen, bouncy seat, toys, and some other great goodies!

Once we are done with our move I'll have to locate the handmade burp cloths and hat/booties to show you. They are so cute but unfortunately all packed up for the time being.

-at my doctor's appointment the nurse asked me if I had anyone waiting with me in the waiting room. I said, "yeah, one other pregnant lady." She looked at me oddly and said, "no, like a friend or your husband." DUH. I'm an idiot. total baby brain. M thought this was hilarious.
- ankles have officially started swelling. yet i refuse to wear running shoes to work.
- trying to sleep. this should be labeled "annoying" not awkward. 
- back pain...always. no matter what. also "annoying."
- B's feet under my ribs when I least expect it!


- finding out I lost weight at my last appointment. thank God because I packed on 10 pounds last month! agh!
- a random lady who told me i was beautiful while out on a walk. bless her heart!
-getting a polish change at the salon...can't reach those piggies at all!
-getting a massage on saturday, this has been my ultimate pregnancy splurge.
- having my doctor tell me that she's putting me on maternity leave in 2 weeks!!!


  1. Yay for maternity leave in 2 weeks! We get paid leave up to a month before birth in CA, which is awesome! Take advantage and prepare for baby! She'll be here so so soon!! :)

  2. hoooray for maternity leave! that's awesome. enjoy IT! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Only 2 weeks and it's maternity leave time?!?! That's awesome! You are still looking fantastic!

  4. Natalie! I can finally comment on your posts. I read them almost every day! I am SO excited for you! 2 more weeks?? It's gonna fly by! : ) You look so healthy and beautiful.

  5. Came across your adorable blog and it looks like you went to Cal Poly? I graduated in 2004. I miss slo so much! You have such a cute bump!


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