A Weighty Issue

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Although it is ironic that I be posting about weight loss at this point in my life I realized it could inspire others. I've been meaning to share my story about weight loss and Weight Watchers mainly because it can be amazing! I enjoy reading about other people's success stories and seeing their before and after photos so I thought, "hey, why not."

Tis the season to be losing weight after all with all those new year resolutions. That is how it all started for me. On January first of my junior year of college (2005) I decided it was time. My mom had had great success with the program so I decided to give it a try on my own without the meetings. I'll never forget losing those first three pounds during the first week of the program. I was stoked! 

2003 packin' heat

summer 2004, looks like i'm smuggling acorns in my cheeks!
the week I started WW...3 pounds down. :)

While my roommates insist that I was never "fat" I surely was not comfortable where I had ended up...a whopping 145/150 pounds! At 5'4 this does not look cute. I wasn't comfortable with my body and wanted to look back at my college pictures and have them be the best pictures of my life, not the worst. M was supportive and slowly (and I mean slowly) the weight started to come off. About five months after I had been "counting my points" I was able to be more confident at my 21 birthday. I will never forget when some guy friends of mine asked me if I had lost weight at my birthday party. Best present EVER! I was so excited they had noticed.

5 months into WW...not quite there but getting closer!

By the time Halloween rolled around that year I was ready to show off my new self! And every girl knows that in college Halloween is practically a religious holiday. ;) Not that I'm totally proud of my "sexy cave girl" costume but I was darn proud of all the weight I had lost! 

after losing about 25 pounds, weighing in at 122 
Even though I'm not a representative for Weight Watchers it really helped me get on track to a healthy lifestyle. I finally figured out how to exercise and eat right to maintain a healthy weight. I just regret that it took me till my second half of college to figure it all out. 

I have been pretty good at maintaining my weight (minus being pregnant) at 125 for the last 6 years. It is definitely a conscious effort that I have to make every day when making choices about what to eat. I have loved learning how to run to stay in shape as well. It's cheap and is such a great full body workout. Finally, here I am on my wedding day. The happiest day of my life (so far) that is until baby makes three...

117 on my wedding day...I did it! 

I will say that I just about DIED when I went to the doctor at my last appointment and the scale read 143! I have officially returned back to my pre WW weight. The only difference is now it's because I have a baby in my belly. :) So I guess I'm OK with that. When I got pregnant I was at 129 so that's a total of 14 pounds gained so far. I'm hoping not to go over 25-30 pounds gained total. Do-able? I sure hope so! Time will tell...

It will be interesting to go back to WW post baby. How many points are in half a box of Kraft macaroni? Ughhhhhh I don't even want to know!

PS today I go to the doctor again. Can't wait to get on that scale...


  1. Wow, what an inspiring story!! I had no idea that you struggled with weight. I definitely packed on my freshmen 15...I blame late nights at VG's! Anyway...you look amazing now and you'll be on the fast track to getting back to your pre-baby weight right away! Now's the time to enjoy the weight and the little baby growing inside! :)

  2. Aww Nat, what a great story!! I'm so glad I got to know you then, you were/are such a sweet and caring person, and you (& di) definitely stood up for me! ;-) I am so glad you are happy and you reached your goal! What an awesome accomplishment!

  3. Hi there :) I stumbled across your blog as I was clicking around from a few of my other daily reads and just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your blog!! This post today especially hit home with me, as I can relate to struggles with weight. Your story is so inspirational- congrats on an amazing accomplishment!! You look fabulous... even as a pregnant mama to be!

    Thanks again for keeping up such a great blog :) I am brand new to blogging and your blog is one of the ones that inspired me to start me own, so thank you!

  4. hey girl i randomly found your blog when i was browsing through the blogosphere and consider me a new follower and fan! i totally relate to how you're feeling on dealing with weight. i just recently graduated college and i feel the same way you're going through. youre an inspiration! i'm definitely will be looking into the WW diet. needless to say, i think you look beautiful either way! (seriously!) and congrats on your new baby coming soon! :)


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