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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some of you may know that I adore scrapbooking. I'm finding that it is harder and harder to find time to get my projects done though. :( This I imagine is only going to get worse once baby arrives. Therefore I am getting in one last hurrah and have created a pregnancy scrapbook. Baby #2 will be lucky to have one of these. Below is a snapshot of what I have been working on...

thanks to my blog I have great journaling!

sweet girl

watch me grow!
 I also bought a darling scrapbook for when Blair comes. Here's to being ambitious!

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  1. You will be amazed that you will still manage to have time to scrapbook. I have 3 girls and still do, granted they are older. But here is an idea just incase you dont have time when she first arrives.... Keep the camera handy and get you a planner for Blair, Every night before going to sleep you can write in the planner of things she did or things you want to remember that way when you find the time to scrapbook you can refer to the planner and not have to worry about not rememembering what happened... Just a thought, hope it works


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