Mama Mia

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sunday is my mama's birthday! To be honest I know it's fifty-something but I'm not sure exactly (sorry, Mom). I do know that she looks great and much younger than fifty-something. One hot grandma to be coming up! :) Lucky for me my mom and I are very close and it's a toss up to who gets important news from me first...her or Matt. I am feeling blessed to get another great year with her and I don't know how I would do it without her support! Below is one of my favorite pictures of us...

baking Christmas cookies. 

And another more recent one...

this summer at Dana Point riding our beach cruisers.

Hope you have a great birthday, Mom! And I hope you remember how sweet this blog post is when your sons forget to call... ;)


  1. One son has a wife now to nag, I mean remind him about important things! ;)

  2. So Sweet! Love how close you two are! xo

  3. I love those pictures of you two! I can totally relate to the first one, I have a similar pic with my mom, with an old dishwasher like that haha!


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