Maternity Mondays: Week 15

Monday, October 17, 2011

If you checked in over the weekend you already know we are having a GIRL!!!!!! And this makes me SO SO happy! I have been crying tears of joy ever since we found out. Every time I look at the pictures from that moment I get emotional...ah the joys of pregnancy hormones! So here is how it all went down...

On Saturday morning I went to the 3d sonogram place with my family. I told the technician that we did not want to know the sex at that point and asked her to relay the gender to my brother's girlfriend (who later baked the cake). The three of us went into the room and I closed my eyes while she searched for the sex. Baby B was being difficult (again!) with her legs crossed and umbilical cord going right in between the legs! She also decided to cover her face with her arms. Her position of choice was head down, booty up, facing the placenta. Not great for picture taking but eventually the technician did get an obvious shot of her "goods" :).

I'm told three lines and  a dot means girl!

After the sex was determined my family came in and we oooed and awed over the baby. Every time we hear the heartbeat I get emotional. It's just such an amazing miracle! At one point during the sonogram the technician accidentally zoomed in right on her booty and I swear I saw boy stuff there! So after that I was convinced that it was a boy. Since we weren't getting great photos the tech asked me to walk and jump around. She left the room and my brother insisted that he help me do a head stand to get baby facing the right way. We did all of this to no avail! She was very comfortable just how she was. :) And surprisingly there isn't too much wiggle room in there!

baby is very skinny right now but that is normal at this stage

Finally the tech advised us to come back at a later date when baby has more meat on her bones and is more cooperative. That was fine with me...all I wanted was to be able to determine the gender. She handed us our photos and said, "don't peek!".

We went home and cleaned/cooked the rest of the day and let me tell you...those photos tortured me in that envelope! But for once in my life I did not ruin the surprise for myself. When our guests arrived I advised them to inhale their dinner because I wasn't waiting for slow eaters. :) Finally around 7 or 8 we cut the cake and found out our great's a girl! I cried and squealed and cried some more. M may have been a tad emotional too. :)

i kept saying "i'm so happy!" sweet!

good job boo! you gave me a girl!

Honestly that was one of the best days of my life...I will never forget how elated I was (and still am). I have already looked at Baby Gap ( I die!) and purchased a couple girly things on It has been a wonderful weekend! Now I just have to figure out how I will ever focus at work this week...

Thanks for all your sweet comments. It has been such a joy to experience all of this with you guys!  Stay tuned for tomorrow when I show the details of the party. :)


  1. Still so so excited for you! And I want to know more details on that it a little preggo cake?! Do tell! Can't wait to bring on the pink and see all that you buy/decorate for the little girl! Congrats again! xo

  2. I love all of the photos! Yay for baby girls!

  3. Yippee!!! That is SO exciting!!! I LOVE the pictures, you look so excited and happy, so awesome!!!!!

  4. congrats!!! that is so nice and they are super cute!!!

  5. How exciting Natalie! You'll def have to pass along any cute girl ideas because I'm new at this whole girl thing too! =)

  6. Such an awesome night! I still tear up when I see the pictures too. You were SO fun to watch. <3

  7. How exciting!!!! Love the pictures! The party looks like a great time!


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