Summer Harvest

Friday, July 8, 2011

While I'm away backpacking in Yosemite...

I love looking at other people's before and after photos of pretty much anything so here are a few from our garden before summer and during the middle of it. Excuse the horrible mid day lighting...

 tomatoes and santa barbara daisy planted here

 right after everything was planted...

strawberries and bell peppers

huge early girl tomatoes!
 big roma tomatoes and catnip for Stan :)

 ripening strawberries

 waiting for these bell peppers to turn colors

 this guy is way too early...

 eggplant, sweet 100 tomato, jalapenos, and yellow bell peppers

 crazy zucchini and squash!


What do you have growing in your garden this year? We are thinking about planting heirloom tomatoes next year...any suggestions?
See you on Monday with lots of pictures and stories from hiking half dome!


  1. omg jealous of your garden! i cant wait to have a real back yard! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. mmm garden veggies are so good!! your deck and garden looks so pretty. hope you are having an amazing time backpacking!!! after hs my mom, sister, and some other women did a few girls backpacking trips- such good times. we convinced my sister to strap her guitar to her backpack for some nightly entertainment. ha ha. such fun memories!

  3. YEAYY!! Your garden is really taking off! There is nothing better than homegrown fresh fruits and vegetables

    XO Lindsay

  4. Wow- everything looks so good! The poor flowers I planted in our backyard are now dying! :(


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