Office Space

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still working on finishing up photographing all the rooms in our tiny cozy bungalow. Today I'm featuring our office slash guest room. This is not my favorite room in the house mostly because everything in it is from our college days and to be quite honest I'm over it. But one day I hope to turn it into a nursery so I'm not planning on running out and redecorating it just to turn it into a baby room. The one thing I do like about this room is that there is so much light. It is airy and bright which makes blogging in here nice. :) 

 i heart this picture. it was our rehearsal dinner. so much excitement!

 this dresser was matt's dad's when he was young. we painted it and added new knobs

 got the flower idea from my twin cousins. flowers are from michaels

 blech. worst part of the room! matt's old desk from college.

 remember this jewelry organizer from here?

Stan works hard in the office...

Can't wait to make this a gorgeous nursery someday! Until then I'll continue to work in my schlepy office. 

PS pictures from Dani's wedding last weekend are coming tomorrow! 


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