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Monday, July 18, 2011

This week I am in the mountains volunteering as a camp counselor for our church's high school youth group. My apologies for being MIA this week in blog world!

      Who has a dog that they love? Me! A year ago Matt and I thought that it would be easy to make some extra change on the side by making dog collars. This means that I picked out all the nylon and ribbon and Matt did all the sewing. The man wears many hats I tell you! Come to find out there are many people on Etsy with this same idea and now that Matt teaches at the local collage at night along with his day job he doesn't have time for sewing. We are trying to rid ourselves of the last few sets of collars and leashes. They are mostly for big dogs since Bella is big and she was our model but we have accommodated smaller dogs as well. Check our shop out here. Below are some pictures of Bella being fashionable. :)

 Originally this collar was for Christmas but it also functions for Valentines Day and Fourth of July!

creamsicle cupcakes

my mom bought this one. the ribbon was originally twice as think so we cut it and then sewed it. and then it frayed. bad idea. learned the hard way!

  Bella pretended to be a boy in this shot

...and this one

my friend Dani just bought this one for her sweet golder retriever puppy, Aspen

my friend from college purchased this for her chocolate lab, Toa.

So what do you think? Who has a big dog that needs a new collar? :)Come over to Lily&Bella and check us out!


  1. WOW,love them all!!!My favourite is the last one!

  2. I'm so in love with your collars! And Bella is an excellent model!


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