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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There are many things that I missed while going to school to get my masters in education. Things like watching TV without guilt, scrapbooking, and even laundry was better than homework and studying. Since I was reading an overwhelming amount for school, reading for pleasure was put on the back burner...until now! I love reading for pleasure and I enjoy all sorts of genres. The Twilight series for my fiction craving, The Uglies series for my adventurous side, and A Thousand Splendid Suns for a reality check. I hesitate to mention my latest find. It is however, one thing that I am passionate about...fashion! I recently purchased Lauren Conrad's Style and she hasn't let me down. Her book is full of tips and secrets of a Hollywood celebrity. Can you believe for 5 years she didn't repeat an outift once on The Hills? Now that is inspiring! (or crazy?) Another great book for me has been The Lucky Guide to Mastering any Style. So many looks to master, so little time! So, on that note, what are your favorite books?? Any recommendations for my new Kindle that I got from my parents for my birthday? 

 my guide

 she's got style

currently reading Water for Elephants

the things everyone needs: dogs, style, and Jesus:)


  1. LOVED Water for Elephants. Have you read The Glass Castle? It's my absolute fave. Can I borrow the Lauren Condad book sometime? I'll send a fun one with Donovan for you. It's called How to not look old, not like you have a problem with that but it's still a fun read.

  2. thanks for the recommendation! i'm going to upload it. i haven't finished LC's book yet but as soon as i do i will send it your way. i'll have to get started on the one you sent over yesterday.:)


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