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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yesterday I posted recent pictures of our family room. Today you get to explore our dining room! The table in our dining room was my grandma's and it has seated as many as 12 people! We have had some loud, fun dinner parties in this room where lots of great memories were made. Again, the built-ins are original and currently store our china, wine glasses, and pitchers. Space is VERY limited in our kitchen (you will see that later) so the dining room acts as overflow storage. The drawers also keep our table linens, napkin rings, and chargers safely tucked away. The lighting fixture was here when we moved in and my hubby's moto is "why replace something that works?" ;) So here it still remains. Enjoy!

 the gold mirror on the right was salvaged from a restaurant that matt used to work at in SLO. eventually the restaurant was torn down. it's a fun reminder of a town we love.

 someday i am sure i will get tired of looking at our engagement photo but for now i still like to walk by and read everyone's good wishes!

 flowers from our garden on the table. i decided fruit was a good centerpiece because then i reach for it instead of something unhealthy!

 this rug was a steal! there are ones on pottery barn like this for 1500. ours was less than 300! who knew? 

love our built-ins! in a house with hardly any storage this is necessary!

i want to start incorporating more white into my house because every time i see it in other peoples homes i just love it! what do you think?

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  1. Isabella just walked by and said "that house is so pretty. They don't have kids, huh?" lol!

    I love the wood moldings on the wall and the built-ins, your house has so much charm. Love it!


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