A Flair for the Flare

Friday, May 13, 2011

The blogger site has been down for the majority of the day. Sorry for the late post!

Along with my white watch dilemma I have a flare leg jean problem too. To purchase or not? I think that flared jeans are cute but again I’m not sure if the fad is fleeting. I thought the skinny jean fad would be over and done with in two seconds but lo and behold they are still here! I dug my heels in saying that they were not flattering and that I would never own a pair because they were only for anorexic models and here I am sporting them all the time. I have the same feeling about the flare leg. Will I be on time with this trend or jump on the bandwagon late like I usually do? Life is so hard. If I purchase some wide leg jeans here are the ones I would consider. Are you buying into this fad?
Vintage flare jeans (light wash) gap
I like that these look like trousers because of the front pockets. I would definitely not wear them with flats though. Too much fabric around the calves without height would not be flattering on me.

Flared Jeans from Forever 21
I like how fitted these are through the thigh. The flare is so discrete they could almost be boot cut. This may be a good “test-drive” pair to see how often I really wear wide leg jeans.

mother the curfew flare leg stretch (broken flowers wash)
I am a firm believer in dark washes for jeans. They are always more flattering which is why I like this pair. Plus the waist looks high which is something I love (in my old age).
Hudson jeans ferris flare
Something about flare leg jeans screams casual to me which is why I would allow myself to purchase them in a light wash (the lighter the jean the more casual in my opinion). I imagine myself wearing them on weekends with wedges and a T-shirt tucked in.
PS Last night my friend Natalie had a white watch on and that sealed the deal for me.  Definitely going to purchase one!


  1. Not that my non-existent fashion sense counts...but I vote for the 3rd pair down. :) And seriously, I just can't believe how fast these trends repeat themselves. Weren't flares just in a few years ago, or am I getting that old already? Shoot! ;)

  2. I am with Carrie on this one, I am a lover of dark wash jeans

  3. Carrie it is so true that fashions repeat themselves! That's why I still have things from high school! Ok maybe college. Also, Cristina, I agree that dark wash are so much more flattering. You two did both pick the most expensive pair! Darn!

  4. i like the gap ones. but i think they have them in a darker wash? cute cute cute


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