Here, kitty kitty!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For some reason Matt and I have a ton of movie passes that we haven’t used so lately we have been biking to the plaza and treating ourselves to a movie once a week. I was so amped last Saturday because I had tricked him into seeing bridesmaids but when we got there it was sold out. He was thrilled to have his way and we ended up seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (I liked it!). Next time he won’t be so lucky… 

Those pasty legs will soon be gone with the spray tan I plan on getting Friday!

New nail color called jules by zoya

Sweet necklace from a friend

Could not resist getting a shot of my handsome kitty stan

Blouse: target
Shorts: jcrew factory
Necklace: dogeared
Bracelet: briana rene
Watch: michale kors
Belt: ATL
Wedges: I don’t even know since they are so old!

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  1. You MUST see's really funny! I made hubs see it and he actually liked it so Matt can relax a little! :)


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