Happy Campers Birthday Party

Thursday, August 20, 2020

 We had a party so it's time to hop back on the blog! We celebrated our (mostly) happy campers on the 15th and I'm SO pleased with their party outcome... but not for reasons you'd think! I hardly bought anything for their camping themed birthday bash... I used Christmas decorations for the most part! Aside from getting in our garage attic mid-August it was a huge win! I even convinced Matt to set up our Christmas tree. Such a good sport. :) 


We had a great time swimming and eating Mexian food... when you have a birthday in August in Southern California that's pretty much all you can do haha. 

I was so pleased with how the cake turned out... it was actually a Pinterest win! WAY easier than it looks... my kind of project! I'm not giving a tutorial because there are some amazing ones already on there. I'll list sources for items below but honestly it's mostly my home/Christmas decor. 

Wood backdrop: Target $5

Chalkboard: mine

String Lights: mine but from Target

Buffalo Check Placemats: Target doller section years ago

Wood Chargers: mine but from Hobby Lobby ages ago

Bear Plates and Trail Mix Bags: Target

Cookies: @morgieporgiepuddinpie

Cake: me, but Pinterst inspired! 

Lantern: mine

Tree: mine but from Target

Teepee: Matt built this for Blair years ago

Blow Up Fire: Oriental Trading Co.

Brown Camping Signs: Oriental Trading Co.

Tackle Boxes: Target Doller Section (sold as flash card boxes)

T-shirts: Target (the whole family!)


  1. Hi! Love the wood backdrop you used. Do you remember what it was called exactly? Trying to find something like that but not finding anything and it doesn’t look loke a pallet so not sure what it would be called. Thanks!

    1. Hi! It is actually a plastic table cloth type thing. If you can’t find it at target try oriental trading co. I’d search “wood photo backdrop.” Hope that helps!


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