Little Spoon

Sunday, April 8, 2018

When we had our first born, Blair, my hubby made all of her baby food fresh. I loved how inexpensive it was and that I knew all the ingredients going into it. Fast forward to life with twins. I want them to have the same healthy food but there just isn't time for that. That's where Little Spoon has come in!

Little Spoon does all the work for me by making FRESH baby food and shipping it to me. No trip to the grocery store, no time spent cooking... just fresh (organic!) food for your baby/toddler. After doing some research I noticed that most shelf stable baby food is older than the baby eating it (ew!). I also found an article that listed all the toxins that make their way into shelf stable baby food...some of which are BPA and lead!

I also love that Little Spoon combines ingredients that are both common and uncommon to help promote an eater that is not picky. They use items that are in season and items that I wouldn't normally choose or know what to do with.

The containers are small and come with a spoon which makes my life easier. Plus, the twins love feeding themselves so that's a win. When I opened the package I literally said, "Aw look at this little spoon!" Haha. The box comes with a cooler and bib (they think of everything!) which was a nice added touch.

The last thing I wanted to mention about Little Spoon is that they have a team of doctors who work together to determine the best foods to feed your baby depending on their age. Little Spoon also sends items based on your child's allergies (if any) so it is completely tailored to your baby! Amazing!
Have I sold you on Little Spoon yet? I've sold myself on it! We are now saying no to "no more old baby food" and have joined the fresh side of Little Spoon!

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