ErgoPouch Sleep Sack Review

Monday, January 15, 2018

I've been a fan of sleep sacks since Blair was a baby. Her blankie, that she still loves, is actually her old sleep sack from when she was a baby. We use sleep sacks for the twins every night as well because I like knowing they can't kick it off and then end up cold...especially in these winter months!

ErgoPouch sent us some sleep sacks and I love them! They are super thick, like a down blanket, which is great because then I don't need to run the heat at night. The ErgoPouch is made of natural materials including organic cotton, bamboo, and merino. They even have footed sleep sacks so baby can be bundled up in the stroller...a great idea for our Disneyland trips!

Every night before bed we zip the kiddos up in their sleep sacks and read them their bed time story. I love cuddling them while they are so mellow. It's such a special time that I'll treasure forever! 

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