Gift Ideas for 1-2 year Olds

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It's usually pretty easy to pick out gifts for your own kids but I tend to struggle with gifts for my friends' kids... especially if they have a sex/age that I haven't raised myself yet ;). I pulled together some gifts that I grabbed for Cal and Evie this year (some from extended family). If you are shopping for a 1 to 2 year old boy or girl check out my ideas below!

Cal is totally into trucks, cars, diggers, etc. He loves playing outside and enjoys having books read to him. Here are some picks for him

1. trucks

Evie is also obsessed with playing outside and climbing everything. She loves sitting on my lap when I blog and trying to type (hence her own mini lap top). She also digs coloring with Blair and pushing the stroller around.

1. laptop
2. slide
6. baby
7. castle

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  1. Courtland got the Little Blue truck book last year and LOVES it this year! He always flips straight to the back page and says WOW! every single time. Ha its a winner!


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