Christmas Ideas: 5 Year Old Girls

Sunday, December 3, 2017

I'm a little late to the toy game but I thought I would give you a little peek to as what Blair is asking for for Christmas! Let's hope she doesn't have a repeat of last year's behavior (insert eye roll). As long as she stays on the nice list these are some of the things she's been talking about...

1. jewelry kit
2. princess activity kit
3. glitter glue
4. princess necklace kit
5.glitter paint
6. girly crayons
7. canvas painting set
8. ceramic painting set
9. my little pony set
10. plush unicorn set
11. operation game
12. crystal growing kit
13. Moana lego kit

Clearly Blair has a love of all things crafty. Those are the toys that entertain her the longest (aside from her ipad of course). Hope you got some good ideas here! Next up will be gifts for one year olds... obviously!

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