Advent Calendar 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

With only one week left till Christmas I thought I better get on the Advent Calendar post I promised! Insert the monkey covering his eyes emoji here. This year I got THIS Advent Calendar and it adds the perfect amount of farmhouse charm to our home. Blair loves hearing what Christmas activity we are going to do that day and I love sharing the Christmas story with her.

Coming up with Christmas activities and breaking up the Christmas story into sections takes time so I've done the work for you below! Feel free to copy what I've done or use as much of it as you would like. Before the month of December hits I sit down and figure out what days would be best for which activities and inevitably I end up switching a few out for "hot cocoa night." ;) I try to keep things super basic during the week and we save the big stuff for the weekends like picking out a Christmas tree etc.

The activities and verses are written on small cards that slide in and out of the envelopes on the calendar.

Day 1 Luke 1:26-27 Hang Christmas lights
Day 2 Luke 1:28 Set up nativity
Day 3 Luke 1:29 Decorate kids' rooms
Day 4 Luke 1:30-31 Pick out Christmas tree
Day 5 Luke 1:32-33 Buy a stranger coffee
Day 6 Luke 1:34-35 Mail Christmas cards
Day 7 Luke 1:36 Bless someone unexpectedly
Day 8 Luke 1:37 Drink hot cocoa
Day 9 Luke 1:38 Decorate a gingerbread house
Day 10 Luke 1:39 Visit Santa
Day 11 Luke 1:40-41 Share the gospel with someone
Day 12 Luke 1:42 Go to a Christmas party
Day 13 Luke 1:43 Help wrap presents
Day 14 Luke 1:44 Drive to see Christmas lights
Day 15 Luke 1:45 Decorate the tree
Day16 Luke 1:46-47 Watch a Christmas movie
Day 17 Luke 1:48-49 Snuggle by the fire
Day 18 Luke 1:50-51 Wear Christmas jammies
Day 19 Luke 1:52-53 Give a gift to a child in need
Day 20 Luke 2:1-4 Read a Christmas story
Day 21 Luke 2: 5-6 See the Christmas production at church
Day 22 Luke 2:7-20 See festival of lights
Day 23 Luke 2:21-22 Make peanut butter balls
Day 24 Luke 2:23-26 Bake Cookies for Santa
Day 25 Luke 2:27-33 Open presents

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