Christmas Home Tour

Friday, December 22, 2017

I'm not too late for a Christmas home tour, am I?! Let's be honest... one of the main reasons I'm posting this is so I can remember where I put all my Christmas decorations next year haha. Oh, and to inspire all of you to get festive! ;)

nevermind that chewed leaf in the front haha

I couldn't find loose tinsel anywhere!! Sad. Next year. :(

little stinkers forced me to hang the stockings out of reach this year

Just in case after scrolling through my holiday home tour you think my house is immaculate I'm here to tell you don't worry... it's not. I've perfected the art of hiding toys/laundry/dirty diapers from my shots. Shoot, half the time it's just out of the frame or sitting at my feet. 

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