Roof Top Yoga

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Last week I was invited to take a yoga class at a local all organic grocery store in town called Goodwin's. To be honest I'm not typically a yogi because I have an hour to exercise every day and I really try to get my heart rate high for that hour. And the way I do yoga that doesn't happen. ;) But I really did love the class and once I start having more time to exercise (aka when the twins are 20) I would love to add it to my routine.
This was the only time my crop top looked decent...while standing. lol

Goodwin's is an all organic grocery store with bomb smoothies. I personally loved the acai one! Their roof top yoga was relaxing and if I took the time to do that often I'm sure I would be more calm and stress less.

Love the view!

thanks for joining me taylar!

Are you guys into yoga? If so I recommend checking this out! It's $15 a class for non-members and they had yummy cucumber infused water or peppermint infused water for those who aren't breast-feeding. :) 


  1. This sounds like fun! Where did you find your yoga capris? I love how high waisted they are!

    1. Nordstrom! They are currently on sale for the half yearly sale. The brand is Zella. :)


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