Weekend Plans

Friday, June 30, 2017

Having the 4th of July on a Tuesday is a total fail. Unless you take Monday off...then it's a total win! This year we're winning since M took Monday off. We will be enjoying the cool weather at the beach with our bomb pops in hand. :)

Last week we hit up some coffee shops (because we need all the coffee with teething twins) in Orange County with our tribe and snapped some quick pictures of them with our new camera. I need to actually learn how to use it (in my spare time) but here's a couple of shots I posted on IG this week...

I told you he was teething... 

Ok this was taken on my phone but she's still a doll! 

What are your plans for the holiday? Whether you stay home or travel be safe and have fun!


  1. What kinda of camera did get?

  2. I just got a cannon 80D from Costco and I'm loving it but need to learn more about all the amazing things it can do!


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