Evie and Cal: 9 Months

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Now that Evie and Cal are sitting up stably I wanted to take some pictures of them in the cradle that I photographed Blair in. It was the same cradle that my parents slept me in so it's pretty special. :)

I also wanted to capture Evie and Cal individually because every photo I have of them they are together!

Here are a few of my faves...

Evie's winding up (poor Cal is just enjoying the breeze in his hair)...

Here she makes contact and Cal is clearly concerned 
Annnnnnd he's done. Notice Evie's naughty grin. 
My Fave.
And just for fun...

Mind you she's only six months here...

All photos by Carrie Johnson.

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  1. Cal looks so much like B (just a few less rolls) :) The pics are so cute. And omg that last one fo B. I die!


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