Everly and Cal: 10 Months

Friday, June 16, 2017

This sure was the joke of all jokes trying to get these two to take a decent 10 month picture (see below). The pictures do describe them well though! They are on the move big time and it's only a matter of days before we need to put up the baby gates on the stairs again...

All of the sudden you have 2 teeth! You have been teething like mad and it breaks my Mama heart. You are tolerating standing now (you initially refused to do it) but aren't pulling to stand yet. You are my feisty one and always trying to grab and eat the dirt out of our potted plants. Or pull the wine bottles off the bar cart. Your favorite thing to do is crawl around the house and chase your big sister. You still wear some size 0-3 month clothes (what?!) and are my tiny nugget. You love the bath and hanging out in the pool. You are saying "that" and sometimes "Dada." You don't cry anymore when we drop you off in the nursery at church! We found out you are terrified of balloons. You love to examine everything with your index finger.

Still no teeth for you but I'm sure they will pop up any week now. You are pulling up to stand on everything and it's so stinking cute...until you fall and hit your head on the tile. :( When you are sad you lay down with your head on the floor and your bum in the air and cry. It's incredibly pathetic and incredibly cute. You are saying "Mama" now and it is music to my ears. You sign for "more" when you eat. The way you slowly clasp your hands together for the sign is just adorable. You are a bottomless pit and want to eat everyone's food. You steal toys from your sister and then when she cries about it you start crying. You love facing outward when I hold you so you can see the world around you. You love crawling around the house and watching your biggest big sister. No more tears in the nursery for you either!

We love you two SO much!

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