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Monday, June 26, 2017

Over the weekend my cousin got married and we're so happy for him! His bride couldn't be sweeter and we loved celebrating with them. It was our first wedding with the twins and while they were relatively good I'd be lying if I didn't say it was work. We spent the majority of the cocktail hour on the floor with them feeding them squeezies and cut up dinosaur nuggets. They maxed out by 8 pm but luckily we did get to eat dinner.

Blair made her debut as a flower girl for the fourth time and it never gets old watching her walk down the aisle. My family was with her before the wedding since M and I had the twins and they asked if I wanted to see her before she walked down the aisle. I said, "Sure" and walked over to peek at her. I about died laughing when I saw her because they had her dress on backwards! In all fairness the tag was in the front but it was still pretty hilarious. So glad I peeked at her before they sent her down the aisle!

M and I both agree that we are going to be giant puddles on her wedding day. She's typically the "easy" one of our three but had a massive melt down when the bride and groom had their first dance and she wasn't allowed to be out there with them. Sigh. It's hard work being a flower girl!

On Friday M took Blair to the rehearsal and they were so cute I had to document it...

Blair loves (s)mothering her cousin. Their relationship is so sweet!

We had to wrestle Dirty Baby out of every photo...she sneaked into this one.

A decent photo of the five of us! DB is hiding behind Blair's back.

This is what most of our photos look like...

We're quite a brood!

Before we realized her dress was on backwards! Insert crying laughing face here. 

Don't worry... we turned it around! 

Every morning we jogged down to our favorite coffee shop by the pier. The yummiest chai tea lattes! 

This is what she asks to do every. single. picture. 

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