Nighttime Essentials for Baby

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I can't believe I've made it to 35 weeks pregnant with twins! Blair was born at 35 weeks 2 days which would be today for me. I feel like we are as ready as we can be as far as having the nursery completed, keeping the house picked up, and me having my roots done. ;) I'm just kind of waiting which may sound lovely but for a busy body like me; it is hard. I can't spend much time on my feet because they swell and I can't even spend much time sitting in a chair because it kills my back.

I know I will look back on this time of waiting and yearn for it...especially when I'm not getting any sleep. I'm trying to just relax and soak in this time of coloring with Blair and running errands with one kiddo instead of three. Matt and I have been enjoying our evenings together watching "Scandal" on Netflix and chatting about how wild our life is about to get. Oh, and how we wouldn't want it any other way. :)

With sleepless nights on the horizon I thought I would round up some of my favorite newborn sleep items.

1. the woombie
2, sleep sack by swaddleme
3. little unicorn security blanket
4. little unicorn muslin swaddle blanket
5. baby lit story books
6. young living essential oil diffuser (gentle baby, lavender & cedarwood are good for sleep)
7. dohm white noise machine
8. nature sutten binkie
9. rock n play... the new version vibrates and rocks itself! Although the rocking motion is pretty pathetic if you ask me. Don't they know babies require a pretty vigorous rock?

I haven't used a dock-a-tot but they seem to be all the rage lately. I just can't bite the bullet since the price is pretty steep (and I of course would need two.)

What are some other nighttime essentials that you loved with your baby?

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  1. So glad to hear the twins are still cooking! I've been praying for you all. Currently in the TWW after my 7/27 transfer 😁🙏🏻❤️


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